A Collection of Pointless Websites

aw how adorable
this is weirdly satisfying
slightly trippy
actually really cool
why is this even a thing
i’ve never felt so relaxed?
excuse me
literally just a huge fart joke
what the

Brain Cheese Buffet

Yes. There is a REAL book called Brain Cheese Buffet. By Edward Lee, an author famous for his extreme horror books.

“Whats extreme horror?” I hear you all ask your computer screens, and since they can’t answer, I happily will. Extreme horror is basically double the gore and violence and disgust in a normal horror. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Edward Lee has written 40 books and more than half has been published; he has become known for his over-the-top concepts and his very risky treatment of sexual imagery and violence. Brain Cheese Buffet is one of Lee’s famous works, obviously from the title you can guess that this story has something to do with cannibalism. Well if you guessed that, you’re right!  There is a comparison to ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, a very controversial film with its graphic violence and the film is banned in several countries. This movie was compared as “nothing” to Brain Cheese Buffet.

Containing zombie prostitutes; religious rapists; horny werewolves; death by vomit and disturbing sexual fetishes. The stories go from sex prisons to mafia torture chambers, as this book clearly has little morals and concerns the information within is shocking and unsettling; however this book is also known for creating a few laughs – Lee has a special way of combining horror with humor and I believe that is a very rare talent. This book contains nine of Lee’s most sought after tales of violence and body fluids. Reading the book is described as ‘enter[ing] the perverted and twisted mind of Edward Lee‘. It is also thought that ‘once you’ve seen what he has to show you – there’s no coming back’, now I’m not sure about you but I am incredibly intrigued, I feel that it is hinting that this book may change our view on normal life and our opinion on ordinary horror books as once we know we can handle the extreme we’re going to keep testing ourselves. I’m unsure of who is the target audience for these books or who would read that summary and feel excited ; all I know if that this book is not for pleasurable reading (unless you’re into that – no judging) but its for entertainment, not the kind of humorous entertainment but the kind that keeps you interested in the story and even though I would hate to admit it, only horror stories keep my attention so I feel like this book would do just that.

Claimed as hardcore and not for the easily squeamish or offended fans of horror, Edward Lee takes his stories a step further into the surreal world of the disturbed. All I can say is thank god it’s not based on a true story.

This book is known to ‘test your gag reflex’, and if that isn’t the most intriguing line I’ve ever heard about a book then I don’t know what is. Excuse me while I go order mine.bcb

The Story of Delphine LaLaurie


Whenever I travel I always research the history of where I am about to visit. Normally, I’m just told the norm – who lived there; what were the attractions; and the basic boring information that everyone dreads to read. However this time a story of a women in the 17-1800’s popped up and so, thinking that it looked better than the facts of random buildings that all had the same dramatic background story, decided to take a read of what she did.

In November I am going to New Orleans for a week. Yes, America ooohhh, exciting I know.

Delphine LaLaurie was a sadistic socialite that lived in New Orleans. Now I can’t be the only one that is interested in socialites like LaLaurie, they held a double life; the real version of Hannah Montana, only that LaLaurie did not have the most pleasant other life that Hannah did. Delphine LaLaurie was reportedly both beautiful and intelligent; one of the most well-known women in New Orleans during her time for the numerous affairs that she held.


But Lalaurie’s home was described as a chamber of horrors. It was said that in the LaLaurie household, slaves disappeared on a regular basis and once a neighbor reported seeing LaLaurie chasing a slave girl onto the roof of the house with a whip. The child jumped to her death. On April 10 1834, a fire broke out in the household; when the firefighters arrived they found two slaves chained to the stove in the kitchen. The firefighters where then lead by other slaves to the attic; where they discovered the horror hidden behind the facade of gentility. In the attic there were over a dozen disfigured and maimed slaves were bound to the walls and the floors and several of them had been the subject of gruesome medical experiments. One man appeared to be part of a bizarre sex change; a woman was trapped in a small cage with her limbs broken and reset to take the appearance of a crab; another woman had her limbs removed with patches of her skin cut off in a circular motion in order to resemble a caterpillar. Others had their hands sewn to different part of their bodies and some had their mouths sewn shut and in result starved to death. Most were found dead, but those who were alive begged to be released from the pain and killed. It appeared as if the two slaves in the kitchen started the fire on purpose to attract attention because without ever noticing the fire, Delphine LaLaurie would never had been found out.

However Delphine LaLaurie fled and thus was never caught.

Now Delphine LaLaurie is a character in the new series of ‘American Horror Story’ as she has obviously been portrayed and remembered as one of the most evil human begins (which the show seems to be fond of).


So now when I venture to New Orleans I will drag myself to look at the mansion and remember the horrors that occurred inside.  Also I think I might go to the zoo when I’m there…I love animals.

If you are interested in these gruesome type hidden killers, I would advise you read about Ilse Koch (who used her sexual powers for new skin made lamp shades) and Shirō Ishii(a microbiologist who ran his own secret experiments).

Ghost Shark?

Who hasn’t heard of Sharknado?

The Syfy produced movie that sparked conversation all over the world; even if you have not seen Sharknado, I’m sure that you would have heard of it. Being popular for it’s whimsical take on classic shark movies; Sharknado used serious dialogue and acting however added the outrageous use of a tornado that carried sharks from the sea to the mainland for comical effect. Whether of not it was originally used for comical effect, everyone found it humorous as it became a world wide sensation. But now Syfy has got a new original movie.

Ghost Shark.

It is what it says – a shark spirit that can appear where ever there is water.

You think your safe on the slip n’ slide?



What about rain?


Oh I guess not.

How about a sunny car wash?



Safe with your friends at a party?







And that is why I am probably going to watch the new Ghost Shark movie. Might not be taken as seriously as they presumably wanted, but I’m sure it will be enjoyed by all those who watch (especially since it had been told that Ghost Shark is a huge fan of karma, and who isn’t?).

I guess it’s up to us as the audience to judge whether it plays up to Sharknados standards, which (lets be honest here) isn’t very high.